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Garden Training: Be practical and pragmatic; be serious and patient.

Cultivate children of the world in the language of the world.

Professionalization of teachers, exquisite services, humanization of the park, comprehensive curriculum, and standardized management.




Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten is a direct-operated park under the British Aston Park Group. It is located in No. 59, Baisha 4th Road, Zhangjiawan, Hongshan District, Wuhan (Qingjiang Jincheng Phase II). It is a high-quality supporting kindergarten. The company is headquartered in the UK with early childhood education development, curriculum development and other projects. It is committed to creating a platform for the educational and cultural docking and resource sharing between the Aston Park Early Childhood Education Institute and the British Early Childhood Institution, so that more children can be immersed in British history. A long and unique education.
The park has a multi-purpose room, a hand-made room, a reading room, a health room and a large comprehensive activity room. The outdoor activities are wide, with basketball courts, circular runways, playgrounds, star farms, climbing walls, and large sports equipment areas. The activity room has a separate bathroom, equipped with a large-screen teaching machine, piano, 5 air conditioners, air sterilizer, disinfection cabinet, filter straight drinking fountains and other equipment, all kinds of facilities are available, for children's personality play, potential mining Character formation creates favorable conditions.
Environmental characteristics: The garden environment follows the safety, beauty purification and interest-oriented decoration. The three are integrated into one, creating a home for the children. The building area of ​​the park is about 2,980 square meters, and there are 15 children's classrooms. The area is up to 100 square meters. It can accommodate more than 300 school-age children, and depending on the age of the children, they can set up toll, small, medium and large classes. Following the law of early childhood development, selecting educational methods and teaching materials suitable for young children, in order to cultivate children's interest in learning as a carrier, is a modern kindergarten with standardized management, high quality education and realizing all-round development of children.

Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten Garden Outdoor

Qingjiang Jincheng Kindergarten Garden Outdoor